Greece fires map 2021: Where are the wildfires?

GREECE is engulfed in flames as wildfires ravage parts of the country.

The worst heatwave for 30 years has sparked chaos for locals and tourists alike.

Flames engulf the forest near ancient Olympia in western Greece[/caption]

Where are the fires in Greece?

The fires in Greece have spread from the north of the country down to southeastern Lakonia and southwestern Peloponnese and beyond.

“Out of control” flames have enveloped homes in the suburbs of Athens, with Varympopi, Adames and Thrakomakedones the worst affected.

The blaze sent a huge cloud of smoke over the capital, prompting evacuations near Tatoi, almost 20 miles away.

The Greek army were called in to help firefighters tackle outbreaks on the island of Evia, while residents in Rhodes were left without electricity and water.

Water bomber planes and helicopters helped battle flames near Patras, Messinia and Mani in the Peloponnese.

Wildfires were also reported in Greece’s northeast Attica region, as well as in Kos, one of the country’s Dodecanese islands.

Seaside resort Loggos, popular with tourists, and the village of Psinthos, were evacuated.

Fires are spreading throughout the country

What’s happening in Greece?

  • July 31 – A wildfire erupts near the city of Patras
  • August 1 – The island of Rhodes begins burning
  • August 2 – Greece records its highest ever temperature – 46.3C in Phthiotis
  • August 3 – Flames spread to other Athens suburbs such as Varympompi and Tatoi, with at least 40 active fires, as temperatures of 47.1C break the previous day’s record
  • August 4 – Officials report 92 forest fires, on top of the 118 from the day before
  • August 5 – Firefighters struggle to contain fires near Olympia and on the island of Evia as plumes are seen from space

Extreme weather conditions have hit the Eastern Mediterranean sparking a series of fast-spreading wildfires.

Temperatures of more than 40C and high winds have fanned the flames in Greece, with some places seeing the mercury soar as high as 47C.

Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes and hundreds of frantic firefighters have been working to control the blazes.

Similar scenes are being seen in several other EU nations.

Italy and Turkey have been plagued by wildfires, with hundreds of thousands of acres burned.

Albania and North Macedonia have also been affected by outbreaks due to soaring temperatures.

A helicopter pours water on a wildfire near the village of Kechries in North Evia[/caption]
Fire crews spray water at flames on the Greek island of Evia[/caption]

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