Get a garage full of Suzuki toys for price of a German SUV – including the cool and rare Jimny Commerical van

FOR the price of a large German SUV, Suzuki will sell you all the toys you see in the picture below.

What’s more, every aspect of your life is covered in this five-star line-up.
For your work life, you’ve got a hard-as-nails Jimny van.

For the price of a large German SUV, you could get all the toys in this picture from Suzuki, including quad and motorcross bikes and a Vitara for the family
The Suzuki Jimny Commerical is the coolest little van on sale today and costs less than £20,000

For family duty, you’ve got a Vitara.

For nipping around town and teaching the kids to drive, you’ve got a Swift.
And for weekend grins, you’ve got a quad bike and a motocross bike. Total cost: £78,611.

Which is roughly the same price as an Audi SQ7.

Suzuki has long been admired by customers and critics for churning out honest, reliable and sensibly priced transport for all.

Whether that’s on two wheels, four, or bobbing about at sea using a Suzuki outboard motor.

The latest addition to the range is the Jimny Commercial van.

It looks like a regular Jimny because that’s exactly what it is, minus the rear seats.

Open the side-hinged tailgate and you’ll find a flat rear deck and a mesh bulkhead to stop whatever you’ve put back there slamming into the back of your bonce whenever you brake.

I like it.

In fact, I’ll go further. I think it’s the coolest little van on sale today.

Small enough to squeeze down a side alley to stock a kiosk. It’s 22 inches shorter than a Ford Fiesta. Strong enough to crawl up a ski slope to stock your other kiosk. Or whatever else you want to do with it.

I’m not even joking. Point it at any snotty surface and it will roll up its sleeves and get stuck in like a Mercedes G-Wagen or a Land Rover Defender.
Only it’s smaller and lighter and way cheaper.

The Jimny has chunky controls and wipe down plastics while it also doesn’t have a touchscreen satnav
The jimny is strong enough to crawl up a ski slope to stock your kiosk but is shorter than a Ford Fiesta

I won’t bore you with a full list but it’s got all the minerals you’d expect from a pukka off-roader: Ladder-frame chassis, selectable 4WD with high/low ratios.

That tells you all you need to know really. The cabin is solid and straightforward too.

Big chunky controls and wipe-down hard plastics.

You may notice there’s no touchscreen satnav. No matter. Just hook up your phone.

At this point I should also say the £19,999 sticker price drops to £16,796 excluding VAT for those running a business. So who wants one? Sadly, that’s the problem.

Open the side-hinged tailgate and you’ll find the Kimny has a flat rear deck and a mesh bulkhead to stop stuff bashing into your head

The regular Jimny was an instant hit when it arrived in 2018 but was quickly withdrawn from sale to keep Suzuki’s CO2 fleet average down.
Used models are now fetching more than they cost new.

The Jimny van skirts around the EU carbon targets for cars — but UK supply is limited to just 500 a year.

And this year’s allocation is sold out.

If you are prepared to wait, you’ll end up with a van as rare and as cool as an Audi SQ7.

And still have change for a garage full of toys.

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