Cummings Coining It from Revelations

Cummings Coining It from Revelations

Lynn Barber has interviewed Dominic Cummings in the Spectator and there are, as always with a Dom, a few juicy nuggets. He says Boris jokingly offered him a peerage and that he mulled over finding Carrie a job with a lot of travel, claiming Boris said “We’ve got to find her a job with lots of foreign travel. Could we get the cabinet secretary to give her a job on COP26, travelling round with Kate Middleton?” Who knows if that is true or if Boris was serious in either instance…

One thing that struck Guido was that Dom says he now has more than 1,500 subscribers. Given he charges £100-a-year or £10-a-month he’s on course to make over £150,000 this year – that’s not including any consulting for which he is openly sniffing around. He is also charging a subscription rate that is double that of the Spectator. Makes one think…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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