Best dishwashers 2021: from Bosch to AEG, here are the best brands to shop now

ANY KITCHEN appliance that saves us time and effort has our vote and the best dishwashers will do that and more.

A device that leaves your dishes sparkling and frees up your time is practically a no-brainer.

best dishwashers to buy

While dishwashers are an investment buy and not strictly a kitchen essential, ask anyone who’s had one for more than a day who now can’t live without it, and you’ll be convinced of their cleaning power.

Although most seriously impressive offerings can cost a pretty penny, you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money on a dishwasher that does its job well without frills.

So whether you’ve got cash to splash or you’re on a tighter budget, there is a decent one out there for you.

Take a look through our rundown of best dishwashers below, judged by our expert opinion and user ratings, before making your investment.

1. Bosch Serie 6 SMS6EDW02G Freestanding Dishwasher

  • Bosch Serie 6 SMS6EDW02G Freestanding Dishwasher, £589 from – buy here

Let this Bosch Serie 6 model do the hard work for you – its three rotating water nozzles make light work of even the dirtiest of dishes.

Partnered with the Amazon Alexa, the dishwasher’s Home Connect function lets you choose the right program, keeps track of how long is left on the wash and even tracks your consumption of dishwasher tablets and tells you when you need more.

Also, if it’s peace and quiet you’re after, this dishwasher can help. The machine’s silence mode reduces noise to a minimum by adapting the eco programe, which also helps it be more energy efficient. So not only is it super quiet, it’s better for the environment too. Win win.

2. Samsung DW60R7040FS Dishwasher

  • Samsung DW60R7040FS Dishwasher, £569.99 from Currys PC World – buy here

This Samsung model is easy to use and a master at getting your dishes looking good as new, plus its stainless steel exterior will give your kitchen a modern vibe.

There’s no more guessing what programme you need – this dishwasher’s Auto Wash function uses its sensors to determine how dirty your dishes are and work out the best cycle to tackle them.

It’s roomy interior holds 13 place settings, but it feels like more and it’s a great option if you have bigger plates and pans.

3. Hotpoint HFC2B19UKN Dishwasher

  • Hotpoint HFC2B19UKN Freestanding Dishwasher, £279 from – buy here 

For a dishwasher that sails through the mayhem of dinner party dishes with no issues, and all at a competitive price, this Hotpoint model is a fantastic option.

Its flexiload interior has space for 13 place settings and it has a stainless steel inner to make sure it lasts a good few years.

Its eco wash programme uses less energy and water to clean, plus there’s a half load option if you want to wash with less dishes.

While it doesn’t have a built-in drying function, it uses the heat from the wash to dry your plates.

4. Whirlpool WFC3C33PFXUK Dishwasher

  • Whirlpool WFC3CccPFXUK Dishwasher, £459 from – buy here 

Banish piles of dirty dishes forever with this clever dishwasher from Whirpool.

Its smart sensors detect the level of dirt on your plates and adjust the water pressure to suit, which means your dishes come out squeaky clean while minimising the wastage of water and electricity.

Every cup and bowl will be cupboard-ready as soon as the programme is finished as the door opens slightly to let in a flow of air to dry your dishes.

Plus if you’ve ran out of cookware, the 30-minute function will get your pots looking clean in a jiffy.

5. AEG Integrated Comfort Lift Dishwasher

This AEG integrated dishwasher is a very well designed option but it's reflected in the price

  • AEG Integrated Comfort Lift Dishwasher FSS62807P, £999 from Currys PC World – buy here

This dishwasher is pretty pricey, but it’s got a lot going for it.

If you have back problems you’ll love how the lower rack lifts up to allow you to unload it much easier without straining yourself.

If surprise guests pop round and you need freshly cleaned plates quickly, you’ll also be a fan of the TimeSaver function which can half the cycle time.

With a good energy rating too, it’s a pretty impressive all-rounder, making it a great investment buy.

6. Beko Standard Dishwasher

This Beko dishwasher will not waste water which is good news for your bills and the environment

  • Beko Standard Dishwasher, £329 from Boots Kitchen Appliances – buy here

If you’ve got a Smart Meter fitted, you’ll be able to see for yourself how economical this dishwasher is – don’t just take our word for it.

Energy and water consumption isn’t high – it uses on average 9.5 litres of water per cycle and 266 Kwh of energy annually, but best of all, its efficiency doesn’t compromise on how well it cleans.

The other plus is its clear display and how quiet it is – a blessing when relaxing after a banquet.

7. AEG FFE83700PM Freestanding Dishwasher

This AEG dishwasher is perfect for delicate wine glasses

  • AEG FFE83700PM Full-Size Freestanding Dishwasher, £819 from John Lewis – buy here

Wine glasses with long spindly stems are often left out of the dishwasher over worry about breakages, but this nifty AEG appliance will put your concerns to rest.

One of its major features is SoftGrip, which grips your glasses, securing them in place to prevent damage to delicate stems.

It excels in other areas too, from its on-point energy rating to its speedy quick wash of 30 minutes –  a godsend when you’re in a rush.

It also has a luxurious supersized interior with space for 15 place settings, so it’s perfect if you’re a fan of throwing big dinner parties.

8. Bush BFSSAE12B Dishwasher

  • Bush BFSSAE12B Full Size Dishwasher, £229.99 from Argos – buy here

You’ll be tough pushed to find a dishwasher for a better price than this one by Bush that works as well.

It’s competitively-priced and its cleaning power is respectable, plus it has the type of quality construction that won’t fall apart after one wash cycle either.

Its sleek black look is stylish and makes it look more expensive, and it has some excellent features, from its 30 minute quick wash program and the half load function which allows you to wash in one basket only, reducing water and electricity consumption.

With a clear LED screen, you can see exactly how long is left too.

9. Miele G7110 SC Dishwasher

  • Miele G7110 SC Dishwasher, £1,099 from John Lewis – buy here

While it’s one of the most expensive models in our round-up, this dishwasher is a seriously class act.

The spacious interior is made for 14 place settings, it doesn’t use unnecessary amounts of water and its auto dose technology automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent.

The baskets are flexible, so you can easily manoeuvre them to make room for odd-shaped items.

Once the cycle has finished (notably quietly), the door will automatically open to help your crockery dry and let you know the cycle is finished.

And better than all of that – this dishwasher’s cleaning power is second-to-none. Your dishes will never look as good than after a spin on its racks.

10. Samsung Series 6 DW60M6040BB/EU Integrated Dishwasher

This dishwasher is part of the Samsung Chef Collection, that consulted three chefs with Michelin stars for advice on kitchen appliances

  • Samsung Series 6 DW60M6049BB/EU Integrated Dishwasher, £499 from Currys – buy here

A dishwasher that boasts a lot of extra features and has been well thought out – hurray!

You’ll love the eco-wash setting, perfect for less dirty loads as it’ll save time, energy and money where it’s not needed.

The hidden front handle lights up blue when a cycle is in action, which is not only pretty snazzy, but very helpful as it will stop you yanking the door open mid-wash.

The upper rack has lots of room for tall wine glasses too – what’s not to like?

Naturally with this sort of smart appliance, you can control it from your phone – which tech-lovers will see as a cool extra.

11. NEFF S515U80D2G Fully Integrated Dishwasher

  • NEFF S515U80D2G Fully Integrated Dishwasher, £449 from – buy here 

The problem with a fully integrated dishwasher (especially if it’s a quiet one) is knowing whether it’s on or not. NEFF takes the confusion out of the matter – it projects a red light onto the floor to let you know the dishwasher is in operation. It’s a simple touch that’s super handy.

The brand’s Aqua Stop lifetime guarantee against water damage will also leave you safe in the knowledge that it’ll work well for years to come.

The Chef 70°C programme is a particular favourite amongst shoppers for cleaning stubborn dried-on dirt from your pots and pans – delighted customers say their dishes are left shining and spotless.

12. Miele G5223 SC Freestanding Dishwasher


  • Miele G5223 SC Freestanding Dishwasher, £999 from John Lewis – buy here 

The brains behind Miele are pros are making dishwasher that simply work, and this brilliant model is no exception.

It’s easy to use, it can be relied upon to clean up the dirtiest of dishes time and time again and it has a quality feel.

It’s at the pricier end of the scale, but it’s been tested to the equivalent of 10,000 hours – that’s five washes per week for 20 years, so on a price-per-use basis, it’s practically a steal.

How to clean a dishwasher

The best way to keep your dishwasher as sparkling as the dishes it cleans is to stay on top of its maintenance.

Always use salt and rinse aid to keep it in tip top condition and remove and clean the filter at least once a week to get rid of food blockages.
It’s also worth wiping down the arms and the door seal, which can attract mould.

Put on a hot, empty cycle to combat smells every month or so and buy a specific dishwasher cleaner to keep it smelling sweet.

How does a dishwasher work?

While it depends on the exact model of dishwasher, fundamentally all dishwashers work in a similar way – they heat up water to the right temperature then spray it out through jets and onto your plates to clean them.

The detergent dispenser is opened at the right time and the dishes are given a good scrub using powerful streams of water. Rotating arms inside the dishwasher squirt out these powerful jets of water, similar to a water sprinkler.

The dirty water is then drained away and the dishes are given a rinse to remove any residual detergent before that water is drained.

For drying, some dishwasher heat up the air to dry dishes, while others automatically pop open the door.

How much are dishwashers?

Depending on the features you want out of your dishwasher, and like most household appliances, the variance in price for dishwashers is huge.

Prices start at just under £200 for a basic model with minimal features and rise to well over £1,000 for the newest, most high tech models.

How much water does a dishwasher use?

On average, most modern dishwashers use between 11 and 13 litres of water every cycle.

How long does a dishwasher take? 

This very much depends on the cycle you choose and the cleaning power you need.

Most standard programmes last anywhere between an hour and a half and four hours, but the majority of dishwashers these days also offer a fast wash cycle, the quickest of which takes around 30 minutes if you need your cookware in a hurry.

Which is the best dishwasher?

We know that buying a dishwasher can be a tricky business. And with so many brands out there, it’s easy to get lost.

We recommend looking at the most popular and trusted brands on the market such as AEG, Bosch, and Samsung to find your perfect item.

How long do dishwashers last?

It’s generally agreed that a dishwasher on average lasts around 10 years, but getting to eight years is a decent effort.

Some very robust machines have reportedly lived for 15 years and above.

Where to buy dishwashers

Many big high street names have a decent selection of dishwashers, including Currys, Argos and John Lewis.

It’s also worth checking any local appliance shops near you to see if they have any deals.

When it comes to online, the most popular retailers include:, Marks Electrical and Appliances Direct.

What does dishwasher salt do?

Salt improves your dishwasher’s cleaning power by softening the water used to clean your dishes.

Hard water can make it difficult for detergent to dissolve and, as it contains more lime, it also causes a white residue, so dishwasher salt softens the water to aid cleaning.

What size are slimline dishwashers?

A slimline dishwasher is a smaller capacity dishwasher perfect for smaller homes and is generally 45cm wide.

Most standard sized dishwashers are 60cm.


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