Baby dies after mom leaves him to roast in car for two hours at Arizona mall while temperatures soared to 100F

A BABY boy died has died after his mom left him for two hours in her car at a mall as temperatures soared almost at 100F, it was reported.

Cops were called to the Arizona mall on Saturday afternoon about the seven-month-old infant not breathing and found he had been left alone in the vehicle.

azfamily powered by 3TV & CBS5AZ
Police cars outside the mall[/caption]
azfamily powered by 3TV & CBS5AZ
An investigation is ongoing into the tragic death[/caption]

Fire crews who also went to the JCPenney at Superstition Springs Center, Mesa, desperately tried to resuscitate the baby but he died, AZ Central reports.

Cops say the child’s mom found him in the vehicle after she had spent two hours in the mall.

But they didn’t say if she knew he was in there when she went shopping.

The shade temperatures was just below 100F but research has shown inside the car it could have been 145F.

An investigation is ongoing and no charges have yet been filed against the baby’s mom.

The woman has not been identified and has not explained how she came to leave the infant in the car.

In April, a four-month old girl was hospitalized after her mother left her stuck inside a hot car for several hours.

The youngster survived and Cristina Valente, 35, was charged with negligence and child abuse though the charges were later dropped.  

According to Dr Rosina McAlpine parents sometimes forget they’ve left kids inside hot vehicles, because they’re in a rush to get to work or have some other obligation.

The parenting expert told Fox News some people “forget they haven’t dropped the child off at day care or school and rush off to the meeting or work distracted, leaving their child behind”.

“Later they remember in shock but often it is too late,” she said.

Experts say fewer children died from being left in a hot car in the US in 2020 as a result of the Covid pandemic keeping many people at home. 

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