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US fencer Alen Hadzic banned from Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village after being accused of sexual misconduct

US fencer Alen Hadzic has been banned from the Olympic Village – because he is accused of sexual misconduct.

Hadzic, 29, is confined to a hotel away from the main US team as a direct result of the allegations by three women.

US athlete Alen Hadzic has been banned from the Olympic Village[/caption]
The fencer has been accused of sexual misconduct and is confined to a hotel away from the main US team[/caption]

Epee fighter Hadzic has been branded by three women over incidents that allegedly took place between 2013 and 2015 and another in 2019.

The first complainant reported Hadzic when both were on the fencing team at Columbia University.

He was suspended by college chiefs for 12 months.

Hadzic is also accused of groping a different woman in 2015, also at Columbia, after he pulled up in his car and invited her and a friend back to his home.

Quizzed by USA Today, Hadzic denied the allegations, insisting: “Frankly, they’re untruths. They’re just frankly not true.’’

After being provisionally suspended by the US Centre for Safe Sports in June, US Olympic bosses were ordered to clear Hadzic to compete in Tokyo.

A Judge said: “I do not find it likely that Hadzic’s continued participation would be detrimental to the reputation of the United States or his sport.  

“For these reasons, I find that the temporary suspension is lifted as not warranted by the facts and circumstances of the allegations.”

But Hadzic was ordered not to approach any of the three complainants and was made to fly to Japan on July 18, two days after his team-mates.

The 29-year-old denies all of the allegations[/caption]

Hadzic said he had not been mixing, even at team meals, adding: “I  didn’t know what the atmosphere would be like until I came here.

“But when I actually got to the training facility all of the coaches shook my hand and congratulated me on making the team. 

“All of the fencers that I thought would be afraid to speak with me, all came up to me and said hi. Even the women.”

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