Tories Rise 2 Points Since Last Week

Tories Rise 2 Points Since Last Week

According to YouGov polling with fieldwork done on the 15-16 of July, the Tories are on 44%, which is up 2 points from their polling done on the 7-8 July. This intervening period covered the aftermath of the England football team booing of the knee row. This, we were told by members of the commentariat and the collective wisdom of Twitter, was a disaster for the Tories. The Tories were losing the culture war we were told by the collective scribbling luminaries of the left:

All of the above have committed the error of looking at Twitter’s reaction during the row and presumed that represented national sentiment. Wrong, unrepresentative dataset. Despite all the headlines and premature claims of victory in the culture war, the evidence is that the Tories are stronger now than they were before that particular row. Did it even register in the real world?

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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