Starmer: “The Road Will Run Out for Johnson”

Starmer: “The Road Will Run Out for Johnson”

Keir Starmer has joined the long line of dodgy prophets who have predicted the impending running-out of Boris’s luck. He told Peston’s podcast he things the “the road will run out for Johnson”, and that “integrity, honesty and accountability do matter”. Guido can’t count how many times he’s heard this exact same prediction over the last two decades. Every time it’s been proved wrong.

ITV’s Daniel Hewitt was quick to point out that “the problem here is you haven’t quite worked out why he [Boris] appeals to people” and that in spite of Labour’s criticisms Johnson has defied expectations by winning the London mayoral election and a stonking Tory majority in 2019. 

Today marks exactly two years since Boris became Prime Minister. He remains 13 points ahead of Labour…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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