NHS Covid app must be scrapped for the double-jabbed on Freedom Day

Sense on hols

IT’S fantastic for millions that sense has prevailed on holidays.

It now needs to do so with the Covid app that could wreck them before they’ve begun.

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The Covid app could wreck holidays before they’ve begun[/caption]

Some 100 countries will soon require no quarantine on return for those double-jabbed or under-18.

That’s a huge boost for families still wanting a foreign break — and for a travel industry on its knees.

But the app, needlessly forcing self-isolation on vast numbers even with two jabs and a negative test, will still ­scupper the best-laid plans.

Not just of hols abroad but “staycations” here.

It is hurting the NHS, too, with double-jabbed docs and nurses signed off.

Test and Trace chief Dr Jenny Harries admits the app is no longer “appropriate to the risk” and needs tweaking now so many have maximum protection.

Why not scrap it for the double-jabbed on July 19, as with holiday quarantine?

Brittle legacy

POLITICIANS put a brave face on it, but it is hard not to despair over Afghanistan as British troops finally leave.

How much long-term has really been achieved, for all the 457 lives we lost, for all those maimed or mentally scarred?

Getty Images - Getty
Politicians put a brave face on it but it is hard not to despair over Afghanistan as British troops finally leave[/caption]

True, the human rights breakthroughs since Taliban tyranny was ended have been profound.

The country is now a democracy with women holding 28 per cent of the seats.

Since 2001 it has not given terrorists a base to plot attacks.

But even as we pull out (inevitable once the Americans did) the Taliban are making huge advances against an Afghan army now without Nato air power.

The country is in grave peril of reverting to a hardline Islamist state.

Our 150,000 troops served with bravery and distinction.

Among them were Sun readers or their brothers, sisters, sons and daughters.

They have much to be proud of.

We can but hope their heroic efforts have a lasting impact on that volatile country.

Moaning after

WHAT a barrage of Brexit-tinged belly-aching from abroad over our footie triumph.

It is hilarious to be accused of diving by Italians.

The England team celebrate a magnificent victory at Wembley despite moans from abroad over our triumph[/caption]

Next they’ll accuse us of eating too much pasta.

But the Danish media had a major sense of humour failure over our penalty.

Soft? Maybe.

But the ref gave it and VAR backed him.

And the moron with a laser pen clearly failed to distract ­Kasper Schmeichel one bit.

Besides, the otherwise superb Danes were not entirely innocent over the free-kick they scored from.

“Let the English party. They have nothing else,” whined a bitter, ­tear-stricken bore from the pompous Berlingske newspaper.

“Rejoice instead that you have woken up in Denmark.”

Thankfully a wiser head represents the Danes here: Ambassador Lars Thuesen, who’s cheering for England on Sunday.

Well played, sir.

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