Mum shares easy travel hack to save £270 on family holidays

A MUM-of-two has revealed an easy hack to make your next family holiday cheaper without much effort.

Facebook user Britney, from Australia, explained how taking advantage of food offers and sales when at the supermarket not only saves money, but stress on holiday too.

A mum has revealed how she saved £270 on her family holiday[/caption]

She wrote on the social media website, according to the Mail Online: “Not sure if others do this but when I go on holidays with my kids, I purchase their favourite breakfast cereals when on sale BEFORE I go.”

“I then make us breakfast in the motel room every day to save money each day.

“These cereals, Milo, and coffee sachets were ALL 50 per cent off at the supermarket over the last few weeks.”

She worked out that she saved around AUD$100 (£54) per day that she would have spent on breakfast, drinks and snacks for the three of them – working out to around AUD$500 (£273) on a five-day trip.

Britney said not only does it save money, but it also removes the stress of trying to find restaurants which serve kid-friendly breakfast options.

Buying sale food items and taking them on holiday takes the stress out of organising breakfast every day[/caption]

With more families heading to self-catered homes and cottages this summer, it is an easy way to reduce costs when breakfast isn’t included.

Other mums praised the advice, and shared their own savings.

One person wrote: “We did this too when our boys were little, we even packed lunches and water bottles.

“It saves AUD$1,000 (£547) on a two-week holiday.”

Another mum added: “I do this too, usually I book a room with a kitchenette if possible and take ALL my discounted food with me, anything on sale, etc. sure saves a bundle.”

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