Man transforms old builder’s van into stunning £39k campervan with tiled shower & smart kitchen – and you can now buy it

A MAN made the most of his lockdown last year by transforming an old builder’s van into a high end luxury campervan, with a tiled heated shower and smart kitchen inside.

Even better – families who want to give a camping holiday a go this year can now buy it for themselves.

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Furnituremaker Daryl Lloyd Witt spent three months turning his Mercedes Sprinter into a campervan[/caption]
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The exterior is your typical work van, but inside is a perfectly-fitted living area[/caption]

Furnituremaker Daryl Lloyd Witt, of Frome, Somerset, spent three months turning the Mercedes Sprinter into a campervan.

From the outside it appears as if it’s a bog-standard builder’s van, but inside is a perfectly-fitted living area, with a boiler that powers the shower and sink, a stylish dining table and double bed.

Daryl shunned the traditional VW Camper-style, instead giving his van a modern twist.

He said: “The white vans are a great size – you can fit everything you need in them and the fact they are essentially builders’ vans means they are quite stealthy. On the inside it is beautiful, it is a home on wheels.”

The 36-year-old has worked as a bespoke furniture maker ever since leaving school, but as a surfer Daryl always found the campervan culture appealing.

When lockdown was announced he purchased the white-van style Sprinter, and started the project in April, and completed it three months later.


He said: “When I look at photos of the original van, with nothing inside, it really hits home what a transformation it has been.”

As soon as it was finished, competition company Dream Car Giveaways bought it for £39,000, and offered £9.99 tickets to enter a draw to win the camper.

However, the couple who won the van have since listed it for sale after their travel plans changed – Daryl wrote on his Instagram: “For all of you that have shown love and appreciation for this van build… Now is your chance to put your money where your mouth is!”

“@this_mother_life and josh have had a change of travelling plans and this van is now FOR SALE.”

Daryl has been converting other vans into luxury homes since, with his most recent transformation including a projector screen and modern kitchen, which opened to the public with £19.99 tickets earlier this year.

He hopes he can dedicate his career to building bespoke camper vans from now on, adding: “It’s much more rewarding work, and I can build it how I want, I feel confident that people like my designs and they will sell.

“I’ve got some unique ideas for the next builds, which I haven’t seen anywhere else.”

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Daryl said using a builder’s white van was perfect for his high-spec interior [/caption]
Triangle News
When lockdown was announced, Daryl purchased the white-van style Crafter, and started the project in April[/caption]
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Daryl has installed a boiler that heats up the water for the shower[/caption]
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There is a sleek kitchen that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern studio apartment [/caption]
Triangle News
He also made space for a kitchen table and chairs [/caption]

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