Energy Bills to Rise £400 a Year to Cover Cost of Net Zero Target

Energy Bills to Rise £400 a Year to Cover Cost of Net Zero Target

Families will have to fork out £400 more a year on bills to cover the cost of net zero, according to the government infrastructure advisor. The recommendation will likely intensify opposition to Boris Johnson’s net-zero pledge from backbenchers…

Analysis suggests this cost will be not be distributed evenly and by 2050 it is expected that the poorest tenth of households will pay an extra £80 a year, and the richest tenth will pay an additional £400 a year. These figures are a conservative estimate…

The Taxpayers’ Alliance’s John O’Connell has slammed the policy arguing that:

“The net zero target must not see working taxpayers landed with the bill. With the highest tax levels in 70 years, family finances are already strained and they cannot be expected to pay more for food, goods and travel. Ministers must promise to protect Brits from any green cost hikes.”

Net Zero and levelling up seem incompatible if it just translates into higher taxes….

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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