Countryfile fans livid as presenter blames slaughter of lambs on BREXIT in baffling report

COUNTRYFILE fans were left livid after a presenter blamed the slaughter of lambs on BREXIT in a baffling report.

During Sunday’s edition of the BBC show, presenter Adam Henson shared his thoughts on how Britain leaving the EU would affect his lambs and the price he could get for them.

Countryfile’s Adam Henson annoyed some Countryfile viewers after discussing Brexit in relation to his lambs

Adam explained how some of the lambs who were born during the show’s lambing special were now four months old and ready for market.

He said: “I don’t think I have spoken positively about the price of lamb before. But this year is the highest I’ve ever known it.”

He then explained how it costs £75 to raise a lamb from birth until they are ready for market, and a few years ago they were only getting £60 per animal.

He said: “Like me, many farmers were really worried about the trade deals when we were coming out of Europe.

Adam discussed how prices had changed since Britain left the EU
Adam had feared the prices would go up so got rid of some of his flock

“We thought there was going to be tariffs on exports and that meant the price of lamb would have plummeted.”

While he turned out to be wrong about that, Brexit did still have an impact on his lambs.

He said: “Thankfully our government managed to do the negotiations, there were no tariffs and the price stayed high.

“But, because of that concern I got rid of my lambs pre the end of December and I also decided to reduce my flock by a third.”

Viewers weren’t impressed by the Brexit-related discussion

However, viewers were not impressed by his segment, with one writing on Twitter: “Countryfile banging the pro-Brexit drum is pretty dubious. He is the industry spokesman, is he?”

Another added: “Why are they promoting eco-friendly processes when they’ve just talked about killing a bloody lamb due to Brexit?”

A third tweeted: “This show can go from talking about the benefits of helping wildlife and going vegan, then talk about murdering lambs due to Brexit.”

Countryfile airs Sundays on BBC One and is available on BBC iPlayer.

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