Boris Johnson must end Britain’s crippling ping paralysis – it’s wrecking holidays and causing mayhem for businesses

Ping paralysis

BRITAIN remains paralysed by ping.

Why won’t Boris Johnson free us?

Boris Johnson free us from ping paralysis and launch a national drive to get the workforce back to the office[/caption]

We’re like an Olympic marathon runner crawling to the finish with lead weights round our ankles.

Another record number were zapped by the Covid app in the week to July 21: 678,102.

Add to that absurd total the 597,260 phoned by contact tracers and nearly 1.3million people were sent into self-isolation . . . almost entirely pointlessly since most were double-jabbed.

Only a fraction of the testing sites designed to allow critical workers to swerve quarantine are up and running.

Meanwhile UK plc is straining at the leash to get back to normal.

There is no shortage of economic optimism and good news.

Many corporations are surging into profit again.

Drinks giant Diageo has roared back to health thanks to the reopening of pubs, restaurants and nightclubs.

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But the quarantine madness, wrecking holidays and events and causing mayhem for workers and businesses all over Britain, still has almost three weeks left to run.

By that time summer will be more than half over.

End this crippling foolishness, PM.

While you’re at it, launch a national drive to get the workforce back to the office.

For most, it is far more efficient than working at home and they know it.

Start in Whitehall, where the tumble-weed blows.

The rest of Britain will follow.

British triumph

AS the success of the Oxford Covid vaccine grows ever more astonishing, so the sickeningly cynical decision by EU leaders to trash it looks increasingly lethal.

One billion doses of this cheap, hugely-effective jab — easily transported and stored — have now been supplied at cost price to 170 countries.

Those who rubbished the Oxford jab should never live down the shame[/caption]

Imagine how many people it has saved worldwide, in addition to the tens of thousands here.

That is a spectacular global accomplishment by our brilliant researchers, the Government and taxpayers who funded the project.

It is in spite of EU leaders sabotaging it though puerile petulance about Brexit and the success of our jabs rollout outside the Brussels club.

That tantrum will have cost countless lives.

The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine’s reputation was tainted entirely falsely.

France’s idiotic President Macron first said it didn’t work in over-65s.

Then he said under-55s should avoid it.

Both claims were bogus.

But huge numbers in multiple countries refused to take it.

Then a mad panic was stoked, even in Britain, about it causing blood clots.

The risk was always minuscule.

And now a vast study of almost 1.4million people who have had the Oxford jab reveals the reality: The clotting risk is much the same as with Pfizer’s — and far lower than if you catch Covid.

We should all be proud of the Oxford jab.

Those who rubbished it should never live down the shame.

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