Boris Cleared by Parliament Standards Committee Over Mustique Holiday

Boris Cleared by Parliament Standards Committee Over Mustique Holiday

Parliament’s Standards Committee has criticised the PM for failing to register “a full account and explanation of the funding arrangements” for his holiday to Mustique with Carrie in 2019, however concluded he did not breach the code itself. The Commissioner also found “no reason” to dispute the £15,000 valuation registered by Boris. Contrary to the Daily Mail’s report in May that the Commissioner had said the break was worth “more than twice” what Boris had declared…

“We conclude that Mr Ross was the donor of Mr Johnson’s holiday accommodation through an informal arrangement with the Mustique Company, whereby the Mustique Company paid the Richardsons for Mr Johnson’s stay and Mr Ross would provide his villa to the Mustique Company for free in recompense. We therefore find that Mr Johnson’s Register entry is accurate and complete, and we find no breach by Mr Johnson of paragraph 14 of the Code.

Although, in light of the additional evidence we received, we have reached a different conclusion from the Commissioner, we do not criticise her either for commencing this investigation or, on the evidence available to her at the time, for reaching the conclusion that she did.”

There will be many crestfallen politicos and hacks this morning…

Read the report in full below:

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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