Tim Martin Claims Telegraph “Misreported” Him Over Calls for More EU Migration

Tim Martin Claims Telegraph “Misreported” Him Over Calls for More EU Migration

Furious Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin has accused the Telegraph of writing a “false story” about him in today’s paper, in which they claim he has changed his position on immigration in response to staff shortages across his pub chains. The Telegraph also say he now proposes a visa system that will make it easier for venues to hire European workers. Naturally Remainers have leapt on it, accusing Martin of being a Brexiteer Icarus… 

According to Martin, however, the whole thing is untrue:

“I was trying to be helpful to the journalist by providing up-to-date anecdotal information on staffing, which clearly demonstrated a very positive situation for Wetherspoon. However, my comments were misreported. The false story, expressed in the headline “Wetherspoons boss calls for more EU migration as bars and restaurants tackle staff shortage” and expressed or implied elsewhere in the article, was that Wetherspoon was suffering staff shortages, which clearly isn’t true, and that I had subsequently been moved to change my stance on immigration, which, as my evidence to the parliament several ago clearly shows, isn’t true either.”

Guido recommends Tim has a pint and waits for all this to blow over…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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