Live with Littlewood @ 6PM

Live with Littlewood @ 6PM

On the 5th anniversary of the Brexit referendum, we’ll be asking…

– Fragile Freedoms: Was “taking back control” code for permanent expansion of the state?
– Red vs Blue: Will this government ever get a handle on the public finances?
– Razing red tape: Has any damaging EU regulation been repealed?
– In Liz we Truss: Is our buccaneering approach to trade the silver lining?

Host and IEA Director General Mark Littlewood will be joined by a stellar panel of guests, including Wycombe MP Steve Baker, Mississippi Center for Public Policy President Douglas Carswell, former Vote Leave CEO Matthew Elliott, Civitas Director Radomir Tylecote and the IEA’s Head of Political Economy Kristian Niemietz.

Join the debate, from 6pm, here.

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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