Labour and LibDems Calling for Hancock to be Sacked

Labour and LibDems Calling for Hancock to be Sacked

This morning, Labour released quite a limp-wristed statement on Hancock’s hanky-panky; merely saying “The Government needs to be open and transparent about whether there are any conflicts of interests or rules that have been broken”. They’ve now ramped up the pressure, outright calling for him to go:

“If Matt Hancock has been secretly having a relationship with an adviser in his office – who he personally appointed to a taxpayer-funded role – it is a blatant abuse of power and a clear conflict of interest.

“The charge sheet against Matt Hancock includes wasting taxpayers’ money, leaving care homes exposed and now being accused of breaking his own Covid rules.

“His position is hopelessly untenable. Boris Johnson should sack him.”

It’s interesting they’re now citing his taxpayer-funded contract spending, given Sir Keir said in February the public didn’t want Hancock to resign over those same attack lines…

The LibDems are also having a go, calling Hancock “a terrible health secretary and should have been sacked a long time ago”. Though the LibDems have also twice called for Gavin Williamson to be sacked to no avail, so this arguably improves Matt’s chances of clinging on…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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