Hancock: Boris’s “Hopeless” Slur “Feels Like Ancient History”

Hancock: Boris’s “Hopeless” Slur “Feels Like Ancient History”

Thanks to BBC Breakfast, we finally got Hancock’s first formal skewering following Cummings’ revelations the PM described him as “hopeless” during the first way of the pandemic. Following his previous limited intervention of shouting “I don’t think so” through his car window.

Asked how it feels to know his boss held him in such low regard, Hancock claims “honestly, it feels like ancient history”:

“Well, honestly, it feels like ancient history. The vaccine programme is a huge success. At times of stress people say all sorts of things in private. What matters is how well you work together.

And you’re referring to comments apparently from the prime minister. I work with the prime minister every single day. We work very strongly together, firstly to protect life, and secondly to get the country out of this.”

Asked whether there was a time he and Cummings got on, the Health Secretary unconvincingly replied “yeah, oh yeah.” His acting skills need some work…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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