Cadwalladr’s Latest Court Failure Over “Russia Conspiracy”

Cadwalladr’s Latest Court Failure Over “Russia Conspiracy”

Co-conspirators will be amused, if not unsurprised, to learn of Carole Cadwalladr’s latest legal flop. The Citizens – which counts Carole amongst its board – along with six MPs and Lords, had been fighting the government over claims Boris had “unlawfully failed to act compatibly with his public law duties in refusing to establish a public inquiry” over Russian interference in UK elections. A high court judge ruled the case was “unarguable”…

The judge ruled that Carole and the six politicians were “The claimants’ concerns exist at the level of politics, not as a matter of law.” Carole not knowing the difference between party political grievances and matters of the law is hardly new…

The politician claimants were:

  • Chris Bryant (Lab)
  • Ben Bradshaw (Lab) 
  • Caroline Lucas (Green)
  • Baroness Wheatcroft (Cross Bench)
  • Alyn Smith (SNP) 
  • Lord Strasburger (LibDem)

Perhaps Carole should spend more time revising her legal strategy, and less time questioning Dominic Cummings on Substack

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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