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Truss’s Free Market Solution to Britain’s Eurovision Crisis

Truss’s Free Market Solution to Britain’s Eurovision Crisis

Lizz Truss was completely on-brand when asked this morning whether Britain should Brexit from Eurovision after the weekend’s woeful nil points showing. Truss told LBC:

“I think there’s a fundamental problem with the way that we are choosing our performances and singers for the Eurovision Song Contest… We need to have more competition to get the right entrant. They need to be more tested with the public.”

Perhaps the BBC should not be the only broadcaster involved? Another free-market solution could be ending the super-league-style automatic finale spots for the big five financial contributors, which would no doubt see the UK face humiliation and defeat during the less-watched qualifying rounds. Truss also denied the result was a post-Brexit snub. The FBPE theories of Brexit’s influence would be more credible had Britain not trailed at the bottom of the leader board for a decade. Guido also points out Russia came ninth – despite having invaded, and occupying, part of another entrant…  

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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