Jersey live updates – Navy prepares to return to UK after French stand down as Boris Johnson vows to protect island

TWO British Navy vessels located off Jersey will return to port after French fishing boats stood down following protests over post-Brexit fishing rights.

A government spokeswoman said Britain remains on standby to provide any assistance Jersey requests over the escalating standoff with France.

They said: “The (Brexit) Trade and Cooperation Agreement brought in changes to fishing arrangements between the UK and the EU. Jersey authorities have a right to regulate fisheries in their waters under this agreement and we support them in exercising those rights.”

The British warships arrived off the UK island to protect it from the threat of a French blockade.

Around 100 French fishing vessels began arriving at the island just after 6am and some on board were setting off flares as a huge row develops over post-Brexit fishing rights. But after the Royal Navy was sent to Jersey, the French Navy scrambled its own warships to the scene ahead of a tense stand-off.

Locals in the capital Saint Helier said tensions are running “very high” today as footage shows boats descending on the small island – just 14 miles from the French coast.

HMS Severn, which has previously been used to shadow Russian navy warships, and HMS Tamar arrived near Jersey earlier this morning.

Boris’ dramatic move came after French fishermen – backed by Emmanuel Macron’s ministers – vowed to shut off the island unless they could fish more British waters, a threat branded an “act of war”.

The furious spat erupted after the island – which is under Britain’s protection – slapped French trawlers with post-Brexit fishing licence requirements.

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