Brexit will be a roaring success only if we grasp its golden new opportunities

Sign Oz deal

BREXIT will be a roaring success — only if we grasp its golden new opportunities.

So it would be insane not to sign the free trade deal with Australia negotiated by Liz Truss.

It would be insane not to sign the free trade deal with Australia negotiated by Liz Truss[/caption]

It is the first that isn’t just a tweaked and improved version of what we had under the EU. But it is fiercely resisted by those, some in the Cabinet, who claim imports will harm our farmers.

Rubbish. Not only will they have a decade before it is fully implemented — but can they really not compete with Aussie rivals who operate to similarly exacting standards and have to ship their meat 10,000 miles?

We must sign this deal and one with New Zealand too. Both will mean cheaper grub for millions.

Leaving the EU was about taking back control of our laws, money and borders while opening Britain up to the world for trade. The “full fat” Brexit we did handed us total freedom to do so.

What a catastrophic signal it will send if “global Britain” rejects its first brand-new trade deal and pulls up the drawbridge.

Don’t flinch, PM

FOR all the hysteria whipped up over the Indian variant, Boris Johnson is sticking for now to his “roadmap” and quite right too.

A major surge in hospitalisations and deaths, of which there is no sign, might give him pause for thought. But not ­isolated upticks in cases because some people shun the jabs.

Boris Johnson is sticking to his ‘roadmap’[/caption]

There is no case yet for not fully unlocking on June 21, whatever the Left and their absurd “Independent Sage” boffins think.

Most of the most vulnerable nationwide HAVE been jabbed. Young people who haven’t been yet are unlikely to be laid low even if they catch Covid.

Our economy is back up and running and must continue uninterrupted. A surprise drop in unemployment and a fifth monthly rise in payroll numbers point to a miraculous recovery this year.

Let’s not surrender all that to a panic among those as keen on lockdowns as normal people are on going to the pub.

Police farce

WHAT happens when you let on-duty cops dance with climate extremists or take the knee for Black Lives Matter?

They assume they can join in any demo they are meant to be policing.

Protesters confront the police in Whitehall during the pro-Palestine demonstration[/caption]

The WPC chanting “Free Palestine” with her fist raised outside the Israeli embassy is a terrible new low for the Met. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the Israel-Gaza conflict police cannot take sides on it, or any political issue.

Britain’s Jews are understandably intimidated by the blatant and utterly repugnant anti-Semitism of many ­pro-Palestine marchers.

Imagine how they feel when even our police appear to be against them.

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