Bercow’s Fury at Jenrick’s Remainer Attack

Bercow’s Fury at Jenrick’s Remainer Attack

Starved of attention, John Bercow returned to our screens last night to bemoan Brexit on Question Time. He was soon white with fury after Robert Jenrick dared point out the former Speaker’s incessant efforts to frustrate Brexit. Responding to Jenrick’s claim that he “used every device and opportunity” to make Brexit more difficult, Bercow ranted:

“It’s called standing up for the rights of the democratic legislature, Robert, I’ll introduce you to the concept. And a tutorial on the subject would be of great advantage to members of her majesty’s government!”

Last night’s performance is a clear example why convivial Farage is proving far more popular with politicos on Cameo

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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