Wallace: PM isn’t Sleazy, Latest Leak is ‘Comedy Chapter’

Wallace: PM isn’t Sleazy, Latest Leak is ‘Comedy Chapter’

Ben Wallace morning media round was little better than Liz Truss’s yesterday, having to contend with another leak in the Mailthat Boris allegedly said he’d rather see bodies piled high “in their thousands” than put the UK into a third lockdown. Reminder: Cummings is sincerely claiming he is not the source of leaks…

“It’s not true… we’re getting into the sort of comedy chapter now of these gossip stories. ‘Unnamed sources’ by ‘unnamed advisors’ talking about ‘unnamed events’ – none of this is serious”

On Today – apropos of nothing – Wallace asked himself the rhetorical “Do I think the PM is sleazy? No I do not”.

Wallace says he’ll leave commenting on this gossip story for “the Hello magazines of the world”. Today’s goossip is tomorrow’s front page news…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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