Vaccinated people should be able to hug, ditch face masks, and be exempt from travel strict rules, EU health chiefs say

VACCINATED people should be allowed to hug, ditch face masks, and be exempt from strict travel rules, EU medical chiefs have declared.

Europe’s health agency said those who have had both jabs should be exempt from some social distancing and testing requirements.

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Fully vaccinated people should be allowed to hug, an EU report says[/caption]

Their advice will pile pressure on Boris Johnson to tear up draconian restrictions here in Britain.

The new research, by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, provides hope life can swiftly go back to normal.

It says the risk of a young or middle-aged unvaccinated person catching Covid from someone who has been jabbed is “very low to low”.

And that likelihood only rises to “moderate” for the elderly or those with underlying conditions.

The report also praises Britain as an example of how to manage the exit from lockdown and urges EU states to follow our lead.

It says that “physical distancing and the wearing of face masks can be relaxed” under certain conditions.

These include “when unvaccinated individuals from the same household or social bubble meet fully vaccinated individuals”.

But it says that should only happen “if there are no risk factors for severe disease or lower vaccine effectiveness in anyone present”.

The report lists these as “older age, immunosuppression, other underlying conditions”.

European scientists say those who have been jabbed twice should be able to ditch masks[/caption]
And the top experts argue vaccinated people can also be exempted from Covid travel rules[/caption]

In a boost to holiday hopes the scientists also say burdensome Covid travel rules can be scrapped for the fully vaccinated.

They conclude: “Requirements for testing and quarantine of travellers and regular testing at workplaces can be waived or modified.”

But they add authorities must only relax the rules if there’s a “very low level circulation” of potentially jab-resistant variants.

And the experts say social distancing and masks should stay in public spaces, like public transport, and for large gatherings.

ECDC chief Dr Andrea Ammon said: “It is encouraging to have evidence-based recommendations that immunisation can slowly allow relaxation of non-pharmaceutical interventions such use of masks and physical distancing.”

The EU report comes on the back of research in the US this week which showed it’s safe for vaccinated grandparents to hug their grandkids.

American Academy of Pediatrics spokeswoman Dr Corinn Cross said close contact is safe from two weeks after you’ve received your second shot.

The PM previously vowed to end all social distancing rules on June 21 when the final stage of his roadmap is triggered.

But he has since appeared to row back from that promise after warnings from Sage scientists of a potential third wave this summer.

And today a powerful group of MPs urged him to relax Covid travel rules that will add £500 to the cost of the average family holiday abroad.

They want No 10 to drop its “costly” test and quarantine plans will sink millions’ of Brits hopes for a getaway in the sun.

In a new report the Commons transport committee warned the new border rules, set out Global Travel Taskforce Report, are “disproportionate to the risk”.

And it warns the Government risks a “missed opportunity” to capitalise on our soaraway vaccines success and reopen international travel.

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