Unlike Boris, Majority of Brits Back Legalising Cannabis

Unlike Boris, Majority of Brits Back Legalising Cannabis

Despite Boris’s insistence this week that he has “absolutely no intention of legalising cannabis“, a new poll from YouGov shows that 52% of Brits nonetheless support the idea across the UK, with just 32% either leaning against legalisation or entirely opposed to it. It seems Boris Johnson has joined Sir Keir in misreading the ‘British instinct’…

Guido’s view on this is quite simple. Legalising cannabis would undercut criminal enterprises, raise tax revenues, and ultimately reduce the health risks to the individual. It might reduce the number of turf war stabbings plaguing our cities as well. There’s no need for Sadiq’s ‘review’ into decriminalisation; the benefits are already clear to see from neighbouring countries. It’s high time for a change to the UK’s drug laws…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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