Farage Endorses Fox for London Mayor

Farage Endorses Fox for London Mayor

Farage has just announced he will be supporting Laurence Fox for mayor of London, following the formal announcement of the Reform/Reclaim pact. Despite Fox spelling the pact out to Guido three weeks ago…

Announcing his support, Farage says:

It feels highly appropriate that on the eve of St George’s Day, a new patriotic alliance between Reform UK and the Reclaim Party is being announced. As the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections draw closer, Richard Tice’s Reform UK will endorse mayoral candidate Laurence Fox; in return, Fox’s Reclaim Party will back Reform UK’s candidates on the London Assembly list. As the aims and objectives of the two men are so similar, this is the grown-up thing to do and I support it.”

“With the big Brexit battle now over, the fight is about what kind of country people want to live in: a free nation or a semi-authoritarian regime? This debate needs to happen very quickly. I wish Laurence Fox and Richard Tice all the very best.”

Guido wouldn’t be surprised to this news dominate Twitter for the remainder of the day…

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* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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