Claiming he could have prevented Brexit is joker Juncker’s best gag yet

THE Sun often had harsh words for Jean-Claude Juncker — but we wish him well in his new career in comedy.

Leave voters could not be dissuaded by David Cameron’s silver tongue, George Osborne’s doom-mongering or Barack Obama’s threats.

Jean-Claude Juncker has claimed he could have prevented Brexit[/caption]

Or the apocalyptic forecasts of Remainer economists.

But Juncker says HE could have turned the tide had Cameron let him fully detail the joys of the Brussels club to the British people.

It’s a decent gag.

At least we assume it must be.

Had Juncker actually carried out his charm offensive, that 52-48 victory would have been nearer 99-1.

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  1. If Juncker had have given in to Cameron's demands then he may have been right about stopping Brexit from happening at that time, but luckily he didn't.


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