No internet nutjob has done as much to fuel anti-vax conspiracy theories as EU leaders

Killer clowns

NO tinfoil-hatted internet nutjob has done as much to fuel lethal anti-vax conspiracy theories as the EU’s deranged leaders.

The chaos and needless fear these clowns have unleashed, in sheer panic at being upstaged by Brexit Britain over jabs, will end up killing thousands.

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No internet nutjob has done as much to fuel anti-vax conspiracy theories as the EU’s deranged leaders[/caption]

Our chief medic Chris Whitty believes Brits are too canny to swallow their lies and we hope he is right.

Besides, the suicidal scaremongering of France and Germany has now been blown apart by their own European Medicines Agency.

Boris Johnson was wise to publicly reassure the nation today over safety and the unforeseen delay in getting Oxford jabs from a factory in India.

Quite the contrast with the headless chickens on the Continent.

Flagging Beeb

TO the liberal Left the Union Jack is a source of shame, not pride.

These same people find patriotism elsewhere moving. Just not here.

BBC presenters Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty ‘sneered at’ minister’s Union Jack[/caption]

And nowhere is this Britain-hating fetish more prevalent than the BBC, despite having “British” in its name.

It was sadly typical of two presenters to mock a Cabinet minister for the flag and the Queen’s picture in his office.

The BBC is being killed by its smug metropolitan disdain for millions of ordinary people’s values. And its glacial move out of London won’t be enough.

Not until it hires more working-class staff and welcomes a far greater diversity of views can it remotely serve a public still forced by law to pays its bills.

Green meanies

DRIVERS will not shift to electric cars if the Government makes them even pricier.

Many in Westminster plainly have no clue how far out of punters’ reach they already are. And cutting grants by £500 sends exactly the wrong signal.

Sun readers would switch to electric cars if not for new green measures pricing them out[/caption]

Sun readers ARE worried about the environment. But they will baulk at new green measures they cannot afford.

Battery cars need to be at least a third cheaper and have twice their current mileage range for mass take-up.

A Government whittling away incentives is going fast in the wrong direction.

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