Labour Shadow Cabinet Member to Speak at ‘Rejoin EU’ Conference

Labour Shadow Cabinet Member to Speak at ‘Rejoin EU’ Conference

Yesterday European Movement UK Chair and Labour peer Andrew Adonis shared details of his new eurofederalist conference taking place later this month  – describing his event as having a:

“Great line-up in support of our campaign ‘step by step towards Rejoin’.”

Curiously, second on the billing is none other than Keir Starmer’s own Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland – Ian Murray. A Shadow Cabinet Minister on a “Rejoin” platform is a clear endorsement, suggesting that under Starmer Labour’s position in government would be once again in favour of EU membership, whatever their official policy in opposition…

This morning on LBC Sir Keir said “we’ve left the EU, we’ve got a deal we’ve got to make it work and we don’t want to rejoin. That’s the position of the Labour Party, we can’t go on fighting yesterday’s wars.” Someone should tell his own Shadow Cabinet…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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