WATCH: EU Explains Article 16 Move: “Mistakes Happen”

WATCH: EU Explains Article 16 Move: “Mistakes Happen”

Ursula von der Layen’s chief spokesman Eric Mamer took to the podium this morning trying to claim the EU’s attempted triggering of Article 16 on Friday evening, establishing a hard border in Ireland, was a “mistake”, saying “even the Pope is infallible”:

“Mistakes can happen along the way, the important thing is you recognise them early on – in this case so early that it was before the decision was finalised – and you correct them.”

Spinning the catastrophe as if it were an accidental oversight, rather than a schemed-out, deliberate political decision they didn’t realise would get unprecedented unified backlash from the UK and Ireland…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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  1. Every one expects more from people in power really and she in charge of Europe God help them thought junckers was bad enough could this be the next Attila of Europe time will tell


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