Sir Keir’s Backslide Continues

Sir Keir’s Backslide Continues

New polling this week will not make pleasant reading in Labour’s Southside HQ. After Sir Keir’s torrid few days last week, YouGov has revealed the Leader of the Opposition is sliding backwards on the crucial ‘Best Prime Minister’ question, with Boris closing a five point gap. A trend seen in other polling too…

This reaffirms Ipsos MORI research for the Evening Standard which yesterday revealed that when asked who will respond better to the pandemic from now until the end of the crisis, Boris led Sir Keir by 44 points to just 27.

Forced to go on the defensive last night, Sir Keir claimed that the “vast majority” of Labour members back his leadership. When you’re explaining…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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