Brexit Saves Motorists Billions in Car Insurance

Brexit Saves Motorists Billions in Car Insurance

British motorists have been saved from a potential £50 increase to their driver’s insurance, after the government announced it would scrap the EU’s requirement for coverage on vehicles used on private land. The European Court of Justice’s “Vnuk” decision – which mandated insurance for vehicles such as quad bikes, golf buggies, and mobility scooters – will be ditched by the Department for Transport “at the earliest possible opportunity”, as the UK moves to create its own new legislation away from EU orbit. The “Vnuk” ruling would have made insurance companies liable for an extra £2 billion in coverage costs, which would inevitably have been passed on to customers…

Calling the decision “a clear win for motorists in Britain”, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

“We have always disagreed with this over-the-top law that would only do one thing – hit the pockets of hard-working people up and down the country with an unnecessary hike in their car insurance. I am delighted to announce that we no longer need to implement it.

“Scrapping this rule would save the country billions of pounds and is part of a new and prosperous future for the UK outside the EU – a future in which we set our own rules and regulations.”

Guido hopes this is just the first of many EU regulations buccaneering Brexit Britain will ditch…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes

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