Brexit news latest LIVE – Petty EU ‘red tape’ makes it easier for Europe to import lamb from New Zealand than from UK

RED tape has made it easier for the EU to important lamb from New Zealand than get it from the UK, producers have fumed.

Vast amounts of paperwork, petty bureaucracy and additional veterinary inspections required by the EU post-Brexit after driving up the cost and hassle of shipping iconic Welsh lamb on to the continent.

Pete Robertson, chief of the Food and Drink Federation in Wales said “Deliveries have been stopped because it’s blue ink not black ink, export health certificates don’t have stamps in the right place have been halted.”

“We’ve heard of one particular exporter of meat who sent a whole lot of meat carcasses over to France and one of the carcasses had fallen off the hook… the entire load – £100,000 worth of meat – was scrapped,” he added.

Making matters worse, the EU has a much more streamlined relationship with New Zealand, creating the bizarre situation where it is easier for European nations to get their lamb from halfway around the world.

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