Brexit news latest – EU’s bungled vaccine rollout DEFENDED by Macron and Merkel despite painful dawdling costing lives

THE EU’s bungled vaccine rollout is beginning to cause tensions on the continent as leaders were forced to defend their decisions.

Both Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel this week raced to reassure citizens that the EU’s painful dawdling in placing vaccine orders and getting jabs in arms is still under control.

German Chancellor Merkel admitted it “rankled” her that Britain was vaccinating much faster than EU countries but insisted the bloc’s strategy was still the right one, adding “I don’t think anything has gone wrong”.

And Brit-bashing French president Macron made a surprise TV appearance arguing that while the EU’s progress “may seem slow”, he still defended the strategy that has seen Europe fall well behind the rest of the western world.

The EU has currently administered a single dose of life-saving vaccine to just 3% of its total population, compared with 15% of Brits who’ve had the jab, 59% of Israelis and 10% of Americans.

The chaotic rollout has seen countries like Italy and Poland forced to give up relying on the painfully slow vaccine rollout and lift lockdown restrictions in the hope some semblance of normality will return.

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