Brexit latest news LIVE – EU warns of growing hostility in race for a vaccine as row continues over Northern Ireland

The EU is acting like an “absentee landlord” over Northern Ireland, says an ex-adviser to the government’s former Brexit department.

“If the UK fails to manage the relationship well, it may find it ends up with more conflicts with the EU than if it had spent more time thinking in advance about the issue,” warns Katy Hayward.

The professor of sociology at Queen’s University in Belfast also told The Guardian: “There has been this sense of an absentee landlord with all these rules coming into play and no one there to manage it.”

Her comments came after Attorney General Suella Braverman warned that Boris Johnson won’t be pushed around by the EU.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, she said: “We will do whatever it takes to ensure that we get a good settlement for Northern Ireland and a good settlement for the Union.

“I am really confident we are not going to let the EU push Northern Ireland around.”

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