Brexit latest news LIVE – EU to ask for more time to ratify trade deal as tensions with UK grow

THE UK will “get tough” with the EU and board their boats if necessary over a shellfish export row, the Environment Secretary has warned.

George Eustice said the British government would have no choice but to abandon its “pragmatic and sensible” approach unless the EU started to behave more reasonably itself.

The shellfish row exploded after the EU told British fishermen that they could no longer sell mussels, clams, cockles and scallops to European countries in its latest petty response to Brexit.

Yesterday Eustice was urged in the Commons to begin carrying out “disruptive” spot checks on EU vessels operating in the North Sea in the hope it will force Brussels to lift its ridiculous ban.

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  1. no more time tear it up how can you trust these lieing unelected scum.


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