Brexit latest news LIVE – Amsterdam OVERTAKES London as Europe’s top share trading hub but experts say UK can recover

AMSTERDAM has overtaken London as Europe’s top share trading hub, it was revealed today.

The Netherlands’ capital has scooped up many of those investors eager to keep their cash inside in the EU after Brexit.

Although the shift isn’t ideal publicity so soon after the transition period, analysts have long-predicted such a development as an inevitable reshuffle of European finances in the months following Brexit.

And there is some optimism that Britain can actually capitalise itself, shaking up its own trading set-up and developing a more global outlook.

Anish Puaar, market analyst at Rosenblatt Securities, told the Financial Times “It’s symbolic in that London has lost its status as the home of EU share trading, but it has a chance to carve out its own niche on trading,”

“Fund managers will be more concerned with availability of liquidity and the costs of placing a trade, rather than whether an order is executed in London or Amsterdam,” Puaar added.

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