December 2020 SpAd Updates

December 2020 SpAd Updates

Guido’s combed through today’s SpAd pay band document to find updates to his SpAd list. The relatively few changes are listed below:

  • Allegra Stratton formally moves from the joint Treasury/No. 10 SpAd team to Boris’s No. 10 team
  • Rory Geoghegan fills the home affairs vacancy in No. 10’s policy unit, filling the gap left by Blair Gibbs after leaving to join Public First
  • Rory Gribbell joins No. 10’s policy unit as their new education lead
  • Sophia True moves from DEFRA to the No. 10 press office
  • Ross Allan returns to No. 10; Logan Graham and Philip Peters join.
  • Will Sweet joined the Foreign Office after DfID was merged.
    • His fellow DfID SpAd, Will Holloway, left at the time and was today announced the new Deputy Director of Onward
  • New Home Office appointment: Hannah Geurin
  • New Defence appointment: Daisy Peck
  • Natasha Adkins departs BEIS to become the new COP26 advisor to the President-Designate
  • New DWP appointment: Ed Winfield
  • New Welsh department appointment: Olivia Williams
  • New Scottish office appointment: John Cooper

SpAds will be delighted to learn that Guido’s seminal list is now, for the first time and in the interests of transparency, ordered by pay band…

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* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes