US President-Elect Calls EU Council President, Finally

US President-Elect Calls EU Council President, Finally

A press release from the EU announces that

The President of the European Council Charles Michel spoke today Monday 23 November 2020 with President-elect Joe Biden and congratulated him on his election as the 46th President of the United States and Kamala Harris as the future Vice-President.

During the call President Michel proposed to rebuild a strong transatlantic alliance based on common interests and shared values. He welcomed the strong commitment of the President-elect Biden to America’s allies and his support for European cooperation. 

Today. Two weeks after Biden called Boris. All that nonsense about being stronger and bigger on the world stage as part of a bloc which was “a superpower”? Delusional Europhiles; don’t call us, we call you… eventually.

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes