Frost says Brexit deal OFF unless EU returns 'borders, waters and laws' to UK-last warning

BORIS Johnson's chief Brexit negotiator has warned Brussels he is serious that Britain's sovereignty must be respected if a trade deal is to be agreed.


  1. And Rightly So, the dictatorship that calls itself the eu, is fast losing the plot. It's about time they all woke up and smelled the coffee.
    After all the EU is Nothing but The Biggest Ponzi scheme Ever.
    It's a rotting stinking corpse that doesn't yet know it's DEAD.

    1. this has become an absolute joke now what on earth is boris johnson and david frost thinking about keeping on prolonging these so called talks with barnier they are pointless to say the least it is now time to pull out with a no deal and then let them come to us begging for a deal afterwards as they surely will as they will have lost far more than we will have done so come on boris and david no more pussy footing around this eu and barnier we are becoming more and more of a joke day by day as things stand we voted out we never said anything about a deal we just voted to leave all 17 and a1/2 million of us we have given them four years and look where that has got us times up


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