Eight Tory MPs Join Boris in Self-Isolation

Eight Tory MPs Join Boris in Self-Isolation

As well as Lee Anderson who forced Boris into self-isolation in the first place, three other Tory MPs are now self-isolation after also meeting Boris in Downing Street that same day: Lia Nici (Grimsby), Brendan Clarke-Smith (Bassetlaw) and Andy Carter (Warrington South). Guido’s checked MP social media records and thankfully for the Tory whips these three appear to have been the only ones to meet the PM that day…

UPDATE: South Ribble MP Katherine Fletcher is also self-isolating. Guido’s social media analysis fell short given she hadn’t mentioned her meeting with the PM on her social media…

UPDATE II: Redcar MP Jacob Young and Basingstoke’s Maria Miller are the sixth and seventh Tory MPs to enter isolation, though Jacob’s not as a result of meeting with Boris

UPDATE III: Heywood and Middleton MP Chris Clarkson begins isolating

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes