Brexit news latest – ‘Intense’ trade talks to restart TODAY as Barnier backs down and admits EU must compromise like UK

BREXIT trade deal talks will restart TODAY after the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier admitted compromise was needed. The talks will immediately enter an “intensified phase” in order to plug…


  1. When the WA has been ditched and we are treated as an independent Country, no progress will be made. Smoke and mirrors going on here! Boris, I thought, was the man to get us out. He has shown, like May, nothing but treachery! All he has done is sentence his own demise and that of his party. Those that switched to tory from labour will see this. At the next GE will punish the Tories for their treachery. Bring on Nigel. He should have negotiating for is, he knows how these scumbags in Brussels behave!


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