Brexit: Anglican leaders issue Internal Markets Bill warning

The intervention comes as peers are due to debate the Internal Markets Bill for the first time.


  1. We can do without any advice, warnings or criticism from any Anglican leaders on the Internal Markets Bill. Let them all concentrate on their religious functions for which they have been trained and leave the political problems to.the politicians who are voted into power by the people.

    Church.leaders who want to take an active part in.politics should join the local party where they live and work their way up the political ladder. Just because they have aquired some religious qualifications is no reason for any of them to suddenly be regarded as expert "political advisors" to any elected Government.

    Religion is their chosen subject, for which they have been trained and have qualified in so let them keep their religious noses out of politics and leave that to.those who chose politics as their career and who HAVE BEEN ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE - which religious leaders have not been.

    Church leaders would not, and do not, welcome unwanted, uninvited, comments or criticisms about their religion or how it should be dealt with from politicians and therefore they should stay out of political activities and just feed their flocks on religious history as food for their thoughts, words and deeds.


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