Gloria De Piero Slams Flip Flopping Keir Starmer

Former Labour MP Gloria De Piero dug into the party’s new leader yesterday following his extraordinarily brazen Sunday Telegraph article yesterday, appropriating the language of “Get Brexit Done”, after spending three years as the driving force within the Labour Party to reverse the referendum. Guido is having a hard time keeping track of the opposition’s flip flops: schools, lockdowns, eat out to help out, masks, tax hikes, and Brexit too…

Gloria set out Sir Keir’s problem succinctly: 

“It is literally the reverse of his position before the election. It plays into the hands of the Tories who are trying to paint him as a lawyer who changes his position to suit.”

Although Guido isn’t sure the Tories are onto a winner with the lawyer jibes. A source in the polling world tells a very surprised Guido that ‘lawyer’ is among the most respected professions in the UK, particularly among C2DE demographics. One of the least respected? Journalists. Guido’s not sure Boris fighting on past professions will work all that well…

* This article was originally published by Guido Fawkes