Brexit deal on BRINK: EU fears UK will leave with no deal ahead of last-ditch crunch talks

EUROCRATS are working on the assumption Britain will quit the European Union without a Brexit deal, it has emerged.


  1. The UK Government was elected in.order to put the interests of the UK citizens before the interests of any foreign countries and their citizens and if that means WALKING AWAY WITH NO DEAL THEN THAT IS WHAT MUST BE DONE.

    We owe the EU countries nothing at all, having always paid into the EU far more than we get back and now the £Billions we handed over to the inefficient, corrupt, and non paying countries will be spent on our own people rather than foreign nationals.

    The majority of the EU countries are simply beggers, holding out the hands every year and taking far far more cash and benefits out than they ever pay in. The time has come stop our tax payers money being given to non tax payers in other countries and it's not before time.


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