Brexit POLL: As EU trade talks stall, should the UK walk away on WTO terms?

WITH the Brexit deadline looming closer, negotiations between the UK and the EU are at stalemate. With this in mind, is asking, should the UK walk away with no deal and trade on WTO…


  1. Yes walk, the eu are a sick joke and will never negotiate fairly. Michel Barmyer is to busy trying to punish us.

  2. The only option left for Britain is to walk tall they will regret treating us like idiots. We will become stronger than Europe even if things are tough to start with

  3. There can be no compromising with the EU, it is not in their vocabulary and never will be, They are close to being a dictatorship. We should walk away make a clean break of it once and for all. Do not return to the table just because the EU want you to. They have had enough chances to draw up a sensable agreement. Walk away and stay away.


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