PM Likely Out of Action for Weeks

Boris will be waking up this morning after another inevitably uncomfortable night in St. Thomas’ Hospital’s ICU, with the last update coming from No. 10 yesterday evening, claiming Boris was in “good spirits” and remained “stable”. Whilst the Times reports good news in the form of the PM’s supposed falling persistent temperature, and he remains off a ventilator, their science editor claims, based on patient averages, Boris could be expected to leave hospital by April 19. A period when the epidemic will peak and a decision about extending lockdown has to be made.

On top of concerns about the PM being in an intensive care unit for a fortnight, experts tell the paper Boris will then need a long period of recovery at home – with “one week for every day spent in intensive care” being the rule of thumb. Given all these predictions, we could expect Boris not to resume PM duties for months. As per usual, Guido and the Government will be hoping the experts have this entirely wrong…

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