EU Speaks Out With Warning To British Citizens Over New £1,000,000,000 Payment Demand

The European Union has spoken out after pushing for the British government to pay an additional £1 billion in membership fees, despite no longer being a member of the European Union.

Earlier this week the EU insisted that an additional £1.09 billion payment must be made to the European Union. This will take the UK’s membership fee for the year 2019-20 to around £10 billion net.

The £1 billion additional bill is based on the UK’s gross National Income and VAT contributions increasing. EU budget contributions are calculated on how well a member states economy performed.

Despite the UK no longer being a member of the European Union, payments during the transition period must still be made.

A Commission spokesman today warned that the UK must “stick to the rules” and explained that it is an “obligation”.

He said: “The UK has been informed of what needs to be done and we would like to stick with the rules.

“Member states have the obligation to pay their contribution to the budget and there are procedures to make sure they do and these apply as all rights and obligations do to the UK as long as it’s a member of the EU.

“It was still a member at that day and then those obligations continue.”

Reacting to the comments, Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage said: “The Brexit bill from Brussels shows that we are better off out.”

A UK Government source said: “This bill will come down in negotiations. But the point is that we need to be in control of our own money. That’s why we’re leaving.”

The UK is still one of the largest net contributors to the EU budget and under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement, she must pay tens of billions of pounds.

Reacting to the spokesman’s comments, voters said on the Express site: “The UK must stick to the rules? How about the EU? When were the EU’s accounts last signed off? Shouldn’t that happen annually? Wouldn’t it be worth telling them we’ll pay once they get their auditors to sign on the line?”

And: “You mean like they stick to the rules, tell them where to go Boris.”


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